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[Patch List]

Hello dear players, we did some patches regarding

1. Add New Scroll ModelSwitcher
2. Add Char Effect ,
3. Premium VIP.
4. Scroll Name Change
5. Add New Pet Attack Effect.
6. Updated Fix Bugs.

~ Heroes Online.

Dear Users,

[Heroes Online]

- is finally open!
- you had a new challange!
- try a adventure

to save Dura from thives.

Any One Have Problem PM [GM] System

Any One Have Problem PM [GM] FunnyDevil

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  • Server Stats

    Players Online: 3/1000
    LoginServer: Online
    GameServer: Online

    Server Info

    • Cap 110
    • Degree 11
    • EXP/SP 50x
    • PT Exp 65x
    • Gold/Drop 90x
    • Race CH/EU
    • Start Gold/SP Yes
    • Vote System Soon
    • Auto Event's Soon
    • Tradegoods Disabled
    • Magic-Pop Disabled
    • Alchemy Rate 15x
    • Max Plus. +17 (with Adv.)

    Fortress War

    Server Time

    Fortress Reg: Every Day

    Server Time:
    Global Time:

    Weekly Uniques:
    Weekly Update:

    Latest 10 Unique Kills

    Cleopatra has killed Demon Shaitan

    Cleopatra has killed Captain Ivy

    Cleopatra has killed Cerberus

    Cleopatra has killed Isyutaru

    Cleopatra has killed Tiger Girl

    Godzilla has killed Demon Shaitan

    Godzilla has killed Isyutaru

    League has killed Demon Shaitan

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